Laidback London

laidback london is an ethical shoe brand established in 2002. The brand is about the product and the people that make it. laidback london is committed to working out of Africa where they are making a positive social and economic impact on the local communities they work with.

The signature sandal line is hand crafted using traditional techniques. Where possible, raw materials are sourced locally. The leathers come from a small tannery – they are dyed by hand and then left out in the sun to dry naturally. The rubber outsoles are sourced from a local factory and are prepared and cut by hand. The uppers are embellished with beads by hand – every fifth bead is sewn directly onto the leather. On average, one person can embellish four pairs of uppers in one day. These labor-intensive processes provide much needed jobs and give the sandals an authentic, handmade feel.

The line has been influenced by various African cultures, tribes and artisanal workmanship. Over the years, laidback london has been able to provide training, support and a constant flow of work that has provided a sustainable income, which in turn has had a significant impact on the local communities and the next generation.